Grateful: International Women’s Day 2023

Late post: International Women’s Day! Grateful for so many including my mother Helen Louise Glover Faison, my grandmothers – Mary Eliza Jane Glover, Stella Will Snead Faison, and Lucille Curry Knight! My great aunts – Ida Mae Linder, Homer Lee Knight, and Emma Ruth Knight! All these #powerfulwomen I named have gone to Heaven but I am #grateful that I got the chance to be in their presence.

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Unconditonal Love

I’ve been an Aunt since the tender age of 9. Being the baby of the family hasn’t always been easy. Because I was the baby I am expected to know and do better than my parents and my siblings have done. Yet I’ve had my share of mistakes but have surmounted many obstacles as well. One thing I love the most is the unconditional love from my nieces and nephews. I get to share my time but in addition my love from the time they have been babies until this very moment. Looking forward to the future and many years to come. Proud to be someone they can look up to dispite the ups and downs in my life….Today I celebrate unconditional love! A feeling like no other!….I hope everyone gets to experience this type of love!